Why you must think of hiring septic tank services

21/12/2012 11:47

Your home is a long term investment, and when you are willing to add value to your property, you must look for things that actually matter while evaluators come to access your house. In case, you are not willing to sell the property, there are still a few things that would need your attention, and among all of them, septic system maintenance is a crucial matter. What are the things that actually matter in maintaining and running of the system? When and how many times should you think of cleaning and pumping? How much should you pay to septic tank service and why? If these are things that are on your mind, read on to find more.

Why to get service: The main reason why you need septic tank service is safety and just safety. Septic tank failure is a serious issue that can be hazardous and damaging. When such failure is unchecked and untreated, your entire family may face health related issues, and in the event of environmental damage, you will be asked to pay fines and penalties and may have to face criminal charges, as well. This can be damaging to the future value of the property.

How to get service: there are a variety of companies that offer septic tank service, but you must look for the one that has all the licenses and permissions to perform such maintenance and installation tasks. Septic system management companies can be found by referrals or online site listings. Many have their own websites where you can see their services and can book them for an inspection.

When to get cleaning: pumping of the septic system should be done every three to five years, depending on how many members stay in the family and the size of the tank. You can contact a septic tank service that will come and inspect the tank and drain field, and based on what is the current condition, they will offer you a complete maintenance schedule. You might have to consider the charges that can be charged for regular inspection.

How to maintain? The simplest way to maintain the septic system is to see how the system is used and the kind of wastes that end up in the tank. Except for anything that decomposable by bacteria, everything else should be avoided. People tend to flush almost anything in the drain pipes, which includes oils, napkins, paints and many such items. Avoid using the septic tank for all kinds of waste management, and make sure it is used for the purpose of what it is designed for.

Ensuring regular inspection and cleaning is the only way to prolong the life of the septic system, and if you are unable to manage things on your own, just ask your service provider to help you. With a little attention, you can get away with almost all kinds of repairs and damage costs that are unwanted and can drill a hole in your pocket for no reason.

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